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Duty-free Access To a Market With a Population Of 1 Billion People

Having made the decision to start a business in Serbia, You will get the opportunity export market with a population of over 1 billion people without paying customs duties.

Serbia is a member of the Central European free trade Agreement (CEFTA)

, covering territory with a population of 29 million people. This region is also one of the most rapidly developing in Europe.

Serbia is the only country outside the CIS that has concluded a free trade Agreement with Russia.

The free trade agreement with Turkey, EFTA members (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein), Belarus and Kazakhstan cancels mutual customs duties in trade between the two countries.

In addition, the duty-free export of most categories of goods and services differ in the trade relations of Serbia with the European Union and the United States of America.

And in addition to all that, the population of Serbia has a population of 7.12 million people, so the Serbian market itself is one of the largest in the region


 Serbia is the only country to sign a free trade agreement with Russia, and thus is not included in the CIS.

The free trade agreement with the Russian Federation signed in August 2000. definitely makes Serbia attractive for Russian importers and foreign investors in the manufacturing sector. The agreement requires that goods that are of Serbian origin, can be exported to the territory of the Russian Federation without customs duties. The only customs fee that is charged is 1%.

The product has a Serbian origin if it has undergone processing (the processing) and if the value used in the process materials (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products) originating from other States, or the cost of materials of unknown origin does not exceed 50% of the value of exported goods. Exporting to the Russian Federation, for confirmation of goods origin the Certificate form CT-2 issued by the Customs service of Serbia.

Under inadequate handling/processing means the storage of goods, its preparation for sale and transport (splitting consignments, formation of shipments, sorting, repacking, washing, cleaning, painting, etc.).

The value of the goods exported from one of the States Parties, determined on the basis of prices on an “ex works” manufacturer of goods, according to the international rules for the interpretation of trade terms “Incoterms”.

In addition, apply the rule of cumulation of origin, which implies the goods of Serbian origin, if they are produced on the territory of Serbia using materials from the Republic of Serbia, Russian Federation, Republic Belarus and Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the application of the terms of the free trade regime requires the signing of an agreement (contract) between a resident of the state of one contractual Party and a resident of the state of other contractual Party; a certificate of origin form ST-2; and the implementation of direct delivery, which is confirmed by relevant documents.

The certificate of ST-2 issued by the Customs service of Serbia. The validity period of the certificate for the purposes of granting the free trade regime is 12 months and the actual number of delivered goods shall not exceed 5 percent of the quantity of the goods specified in the certificate.

To confirm the origin of small consignments of goods (customs value, equivalent to not more than $ 5,000) the filing of a certificate is not required. It is sufficient to provide a Declaration of origin that the exporter attaches to the commercial or other accompanying documents.

List of goods not included in the free trade Agreement that is regularly reviewed. In 2011, for the duty-free regime was eliminated following goods: meat and edible offal of poultry, cheese, sugar, sparkling wine, ethyl alcohol, cigars and cigarettes, tyres, cotton yarn and fabrics, compressors for refrigerating equipment, of a motor vehicle.

Local market

The Serbian market, consisting of 7.12 million people, is the second largest in Southeast Europe. Net average monthly wages increased on average from 194 euros in 2004 to € 402 in 2008, together with the growing expansion of loans was a huge push for a sharp increase in demand, which showed a two-fold increase of annual volumes of retail trade.

In response to expanding domestic demand to international retail network has opened up many new stores across the country. For comparison, from 2004 to 2009, foreign investment in the sector retail and wholesale trade amounted to more than € 1.6 billion.

Key facts

Excellent business environment, diverse culture and everyday life in Serbia inspire all those who wish to experience the treasures this part of Europe.

The capital of Serbia was awarded as the “City of the future in southern Europe 2006/07”. Belgrade was chosen among the most developed cities in the region thanks to its economic potential, cost effectiveness, human resources, it and telecommunications, transport, quality of life and attracting FDI. In addition, the booming real estate sector in Serbia offers first class office and living accommodations; medical services offered in public and private medical institutions. Extremely favourable taxation together with excellent international schools makes this country the right choice for rationally thinking people.

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