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Report on the preparation of the forum the Russian delegation

Report Promotional Tour In Serbia 12-18 July 2016

On July 12, the business and cultural program of the Russian delegation in Serbia. To participate in the study tour agreed by the representatives from different cities of Russia: Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kronstadt, Moscow, Ulyanovsk and others.

The first two days of the stay in Belgrade was full of different events. In the first day of the program was the presentation of the companies of tour operator “OMNITURE” and the Center of business cooperation “Business-the Geometry of groups”, and then completed the sightseeing tour of Belgrade with an evening walk and a solemn Banquet on the occasion of the arrival of the delegation and Dating.

The next day all the members of the delegation visited Novi Sad, where the walls of city hall held a meeting with representatives of Parliament, ministries and the tourist organization of Novi Sad. The city has more than 10500 14300 organizations and private enterprises. Over the last 3 years growth of industrial production in many sectors, increase employment and outwardly turnover. This is the result of measures taken by the government. The city authorities are doing their best to improve the conditions of work of industrial enterprises and investors. The Russian market is very interesting for enterprises in Serbia and, in particular, New garden. As for exports, Russia is in 8th place with a share of 3.7 percent. Imports from Russia 1 place – 50% of raw materials imported from our country. Milorad Radojevic a member of the Government on economic issues noted that the government of the city of Novi Sad is trying to attract the attention of the Russian market.

Mr. Dalibor Rozic – government member of cultural Affairs confirmed that cooperation in this sphere with Russian cities is very important and has further potential for development. Sounded the names of cities such as Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kazan and Tula, which is already being worked on, and implements joint cultural projects, events. Moreover, Nizhniy Novgorod has been marked as a twin city and a leader among the rest. In the nearest plans to improve relations with other Russian cities in the sphere of culture.

The Director of the Tourist organization of Novi sad Branislav Knezevic and PR Director Tihana Putin gave a presentation tour.the capacity of the city of Novi Sad. This charming town on the banks of the Danube with a population of over 340 thousand inhabitants located in the South-Eastern part of Europe, is the second largest city in Serbia and is recognized as the administrative, cultural and educational center. In the continuation of the presentation went sightseeing city tour, a delicious lunch in the restaurant Aquatoria on the territory of the Petrovaradin fortress. Further, the delegation toured the complex of the thermal resort Bath Vrnik and went to town Swerski Karlovci with a visit to the Museum of beekeeping and wine-making of the family živanović. The program was completed with a tasting of wine and honey.

On the third day the group went to Western Serbia to resort Koviljaca bath, visiting on the way the monastery from the 12th century Sokograd and Museum life of Nicholas Serbian Velimirovich.

Accompanied by representatives of the city administration of Loznica and tourism organization and Miroslav Radulovic, Snezana Peric, the group toured the famous Royal Park Spa resort. Doctors of the Ural region held a personal meeting with the chief doctor of the resort and ask him a professional questions. In the evening the delegation visited the territory of ethno-complexes “Sunny River”, located on the banks of the river Drina.

On the agenda of the fourth day of the visit an excursion in the national Park Music – native village of the famous Serbian leader Vuk karadžić, who made a great contribution to the systematization of Serbian language. After further inspection attache Mišić group members got acquainted with the representatives of the companies Russian Serbian friendship Zoran the sides and members of the administration of Valjevo. The meeting took place during lunch in the Celije monastery, built in the 12th century. At present this place contains the relics of St. Nicholas the Serb.

The evening of the same day the delegation visited the mountain climate family Divčibare and returned to the town of Kraljevo.

The day provided an opportunity for participants to visit the national Park Tara and Downgrade – city of Emir Kusturica on the Wet mount.

On the territory of the hotel “Omorika” presentation of hotel complexes belonging to the Ministry of Defence. Data objects are used for children’s sporting events, and festivals and metal-clad switchgear congresses. The presentation was conducted by the Director of a chain of hotels Branislav ELAC and Manager Vesna Tadic.

Then there was the warm welcome of the group delegation to the international children’s school friendship. Children from Russia and Serbia performed the Concerto, and the counselors showed the camp. In the course of the visit were discussed the possibility of organizing and holding the international children’s shifts, and all the members of the delegation received an invitation for a WEEK of CHILDHOOD, which will be held in Belgrade in the fall of 2016, as well as Easter week in April 2017. Both events are organized under patronage of the Serbian Parliament and heir of the King Serbiei and the Orthodox Serbian Church. In the evening the team arrived at the mountain air resort Zlatibor, which is famous for its unique climate, mixed air masses of the sea and the pine ions at a height of 1000m. Lazar Popovic, Arsen Djuric and Jelica tošić – representatives of OFFICE for cooperation with the Russian Federation held a presentation of tourist and economic potential of the region.

The next morning began with a visit to VRNJACKA Banja, known in Russia for its waters for the treatment of diabetes and the digestive system. The presentation of the programs and procedures of the center held Radicevic Milica, Ana Stankovic, Sladjana of Blagojevic and Mrs. Sandra. At the meeting with the delegation was also attended by Director of the tourist office of the resort Ivan Trifunovich.

Next, the group visited another famous monastery of Zica, which in the 12th century were crowned rulers of Serbia. The nuns showed a presentation film about the history of the monastery in the Russian language.

Director of nursing AGENS resort Mataruska bath – Mr Dusko Maricic showed it to the medical building and told about the features of the resort, namely: the temperature of water heated to 52 degrees for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and gynecological problems. Representatives of Russian medical institutions members of the delegation asked a number of questions, showing great interest in the resort.

Resort atomic Spa bath to complete the program of the delegation, where despite the Sunday afternoon business meeting was held by the marketing Director Mr. Bojan Babic. He spoke about the unique water for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and other nerve diseases.

The delegation had the opportunity to taste the mineral water from two sources, look at the new hotel Vujan 4****and also listen to a presentation about another unique technique ortokin therapy alternatives to surgery on the joints.

On the seventh final day of the program, the delegation went from Kraguevac (at Zelenogore) in the suburb of Sosnovy Bor, where a meeting was held with representatives of the hotel Sumarice – owned institution, Mr Milenko Marjanovic, his son Bojan Marjanovic and Manager Daliborka Dunych. The hotel is able to accommodate sports groups for camps, as it has a large gym area, pool, soccer field and hall for conferences, equipped to the latest standards.

Then the group proceeded to the next place – the town of Topola, where the delegation met the mayor Mr. Dragan živanović and journalists of regional television.

The welcoming Committee presented all possible sectors and areas of cooperation. The place of presentation was chosen as the new wine factory built by our compatriot from the Chelyabinsk region. First tons of wine have already been sent to Russia, and plans to increase the annual turnover of wine from a local vineyard up to 7 thousand tons. Presentation of the tavern held Ms. Nevena stevanović.

After the meeting, the delegation visited a number of cultural sites: Royal residence, Topola Oplenac, Karagarga Museum and mausoleum which was decorated with our architect Nikolay Krasnov more than 14,000 mosaics.

After the meeting, the delegation visited a number of cultural sites: Royal residence, Topola Oplenac, Karagarga Museum and mausoleum which was decorated with our architect Nikolay Krasnov more than 14,000 mosaics.

The resort bukovicka Banja Arandjelovac the participants were able to appreciate the scale of the hotel izvor 5***** with 9 thermal pools and numerous possibilities for conferences and various business events, for groups of more than 250 people.

Following the visit, delegates were presented with certificates – certificates of the participant. The ceremony was held in the conference hall of the hotel Belgrade City Hotel 4****opened in 1920 under the name of Grand Petrograd.

Next Event

The next important event in the plan of measures on cooperation of Russia with the countries of the Balkan region, approved the conduct of Cultural and Economic Forum “Russia-Serbia 2017”, as well as exhibitions of international Business Cooperation “b2b international” 2017 in Serbia.